Hello and a quick introduction

Welcome to this, my inaugural blog post.  Being a person of several interests, I have decided to forgo the usual business of picking a subject and purpose for this little corner of the web.  Nor, however, do I plan for this to be yet another self-indulgent journal of my daily activities, played out in excruciating detail to the boredom of the three people who continue to read it out of an increasingly stretched sense of duty of friendship.  The web is clogged up with enough of those.

No, this will be an equally unnecessary repository of my collected thoughts on specific topics.  A focus of all my considerations of some tiny square of knowledge, most probably in the following areas:

-       Education.  I am, after all, a teacher.

-       Physics.  I do, in fact, teach this.

-       Music.  My hobby, passion and half of my first degree.

-       The Church.  The other half of my first degree, and the place where people who believe what I do go to make each other seem more normal.

I’ll try to organise my posts so that visitors can click on handy links to see their area of interest.  I’m not anticipating lots in the way of comments here, instead I hope you will be following me on Twitter – @nikkeefe, and together perhaps we can make sense of this mess.

PS – Visit my About This Site page for all the necessary disclaimers needed for me to write this blog publicly.  No-one wants to be the next to get themselves into trouble (though you’d have to be a bit wet round the ears to do what this one did!).

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