The Ultimate Starter Generator

Here’s a quick post for all you busy, busy teachers out there.  The TES website has, over the last year or so, become a first-choice destination for lesson resources provided by other professionals out of the goodness of their generous hearts.

One of the best of these kind people goes by the name ‘mikegershon’.  I would assume that his real name is something like Mike Gershon.  Anyway, his latest masterpiece is the second version of his ‘Starter Generator’.  It contains loads of ideas, prompts and templates for making quick and excellent lesson openers, presented with a sense of humour not often found in such resources.  See the Boris Johnson slide for some of that.

Now, normally you’d have to register for the TES site and dig through the baffling navigation structure to find this wondrous file, but I’ve popped it up right here on my own space, because I’m just that nice.  Enjoy and please share your feedback and successful implementations!

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