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Glasses and apples .... some stereotypes are true

Glasses and apples .... some stereotypes are true

A big claim, I know. But it got your attention, right? Here’s an even bigger one:

What if I could make your lessons interesting, spice up the beginning and end of every hour you teach and help you improve personalisation and assessment? Would that be OK with you?

Well, OK, maybe I can’t do it.  But I know a man who can.

Since I first posted a download link to the incredible Mike Gershon’s ‘Ultimate Starter Generator’, it’s become by far the most popular page on my little site. And rightly so, too, as it contains enough ideas and templates that your lessons need never become stale for the want of a couple of minutes and a bit of inspiration to get you started.

It is with great pleasure, then, that I bring you the full collection of his fantastic resources. They are freely available on the TES Connect website, but you need to log in and there are various difficulties that people have with that site. So I have made them available here, on my own dime, for anyone who wants them. I have no contact details for this man but he is truly a saint. The ideas here will work for any subject, at any age, and for any teacher. Pick your favourites and challenge yourself to try something new every week.

So here they are, all four of the greatest resources I have ever come across:

The Ultimate Starter Generator (Mk2)
The Plenary Producer
Assessment for Learning Tools
Guide to Peer and Self Assessment

Please share your successful uses of these fantastic resources – comment on the post here, or talk to me on Twitter (@nikkeefe) … or join the TES Connect site and talk there!

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