Bigotgate: Much ado about nothing

Oh, alright then.  I’ll let myself do a little current affairs post just this once.  And before we start, let’s just say that I won’t be voting Labour in the forthcoming election because I am very happy with my current MP from another party.  So leave your agendas at the door.

The story is here, if you haven’t read it.

Let’s ignore for a moment that “Mrs Duffy” (as she is now nationally known) was so impressed with Brown’s answers that she said afterwards that she would be voting Labour herself.  For there are two issues here which, to my mind, are the important ones to address.

Firstly, this was a cheeky prank by the media people involved.  The feed to ‘tape’ from that microphone should have been cut as soon as the Prime Minister entered his private car.  As it happens, Brown was simply asking his staff which of them had set up the interview spot he had just done.  He thought she was a bad choice for the cameras and that the exchange wouldn’t come across well to voters, and wanted his team to know that he was unhappy at her having been picked.

This is surely his prerogative.  He could have sat in that car and discussed a matter of national security, or dictated a communication to Angela Merkel regarding the prospective German bailout of the economy of Greece.  We had no right to know what had happened in that car, and if the production engineers had been doing their jobs, then the Prime Minister’s confidentiality would not have been broken.

But with that having happened, the second matter is to address what he actually said.

To mis-coin a popular mantra, I agree with Gordon.  Mrs Duffy is your classic ill-informed little Englander, irate about what is taking place just nearer than the end of her nose.  Net migration is dropping in this country, and in any case, she was only talking about immigration from within the EU.  Well, immigration has not only dropped from the “Eastern European” countries she referred to, but in many areas it has reversed now.  These are the same people who are happy for ONE MILLION Brits to reside in Spain!

So to sum up – he shouldn’t have been taped, we all have the right to speak our minds in private, and he was right to write Mrs Duffy’s interview off as she was a bit bigoted.  Hence my title – this is a whole bunch of media fuss over nothing of substance.

Glad I got that off my chest.  Back to some science next time.  Don’t stop reading if you disagreed with this one ………. it was probably a one-off. :)

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