The oil spill that reminded us we weren’t so clever

Right, then, so the human race thinks it can put people on Mars but can’t plug a hole on the sea bed?  That is the slightly worrying outcome from the ongoing mess of this leaking BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  And yes, the comparison is completely facile, but stick with me here.

Before you think I’m being a reactionary doom-monger, I promise this is nothing so strident.  I just looked at this story and felt it made us look rather small and feeble.  Though this is often the case in the face of nature, and it might be highlighted by the fact that this is happening to Americans, the most arrogant of all the nations (yes, yes, the UK used to top that list and still isn’t far behind).

Of course, this isn’t Obama’s fault (how could it be?) and it might not even be BP’s.  But rather than face our astonishing inadequacies, we shall probably blame them and think no more of it.

Perhaps this should be used as a recruiting drive for creative young engineers.  In the meantime, let’s hope the damage is not too great.

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