Parents: More important than teachers …. new research reveals

“Parents who push their children to work hard at school have a bigger impact on their child’s academic success than their teachers, research suggests.”

- BBC Education News

I can’t help but sigh.

I see students for a maximum of three hours per week.  Even the worst parents probably manage that, plus they’re, well, they’re their parents.  Of course the vast majority of their work ethic and aspiration levels are down to their parents.  Any teacher will tell you that a kid with interested parents is 99% more likely to succeed than one whose parents collude with them in evading schoolwork and planning to drop out at the first opportunity.

Either this is one of those pieces of research written specifically to get a Professor’s university in the press, or this is one of those articles written specifically to spark arguments where at least one of the participants repeatedly uses the term “common sense” in relation to the thrust of the story.

If you’re a parent reading this, though, don’t miss the point, however obviously common sense it may be.  Kids whose parents push them to do homework and take their future seriously really do work out a lot better than ones left to their own (usually electronic) devices.

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