Racism: And another thing…


Tom Adeyemi

Credit BBC.co.uk

It’s all well and good for Kenny Dalglish and Liverpool’s officials to spend Christmas and New Year defending their club from claims of racism, but when thousands of fans choose to sing the name of a racist (Luis Suarez) to a man who is upset about receiving racist abuse (Tom Adeyemi), I’m afraid much of the good work is undone.

I think a lot of people were already pretty unhappy about the way in which Liverpool had defended Suarez over the whole incident – it’s not good enough to say “his personality is not like that” … when do you ever hear someone say “yes, he is a nasty piece of work actually”? – and now it’s apparently given a large group of their fans the impression that they can use Suarez’s name as a taunt.

What do you think?  Watch and make up your own mind:


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